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The Bridge Church


The Bridge Story

Gabe and Marla Gary along with nine other people gathered together around tables on Sunday mornings. Their time together consisted of breakfast, a few songs and a short message. There was no signs on the building and there was no church name. They simply desired to love God and love each other.


Pastors Gabe & Marla Gary


The breakfast was a good reason to visit and as people began to attend, new relationships were formed and it became clear that the Holy Spirit was forming something new. The worship and ministry times increased and it was obvious that we had organically and naturally become a church. It was an exciting time for all those involved!  People would ask about our church and its name and the response would be….. “We don’t have one?” So it was appearent that we should give our gatherings  a name.  We committed ourselves not to “slap” a name on what was happening but to prayerfully wait and see who and what we’d become.  

After some time our identity and purpose became clear. With the diverse  people that were attending, including those from surrounding towns, we realized that we had become a Bridge: a bridge to those who have never known or experienced the personal love of Jesus, a bridge for those who once walked with Jesus but for some reason decided to go their own way “The Prodigals,” but now desire to return to Jesus, be restored and once again find purpose, and a bridge to those who simply desired a safe Spirit filled environment to worship. 

We realized early that It’s about Him “Loving God,” and it’s about us “Loving People”, and within those relationships the plans and purposes of God are discovered.